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  • White Shower Filter

    • Water Pressure in your shower is maintained and not affected.
    • Soft, smooth & shiny skin
    • Healthy, silky & strong hairs
    • Reduce hairfall
    • Reduces Itchy skin or scalp
    • Helps extend hair color
    • Reduces Frizz
    • Adjusts pH of water
    • Reduces Chlorine absorption from skin
    • Reduces Chlorine inhalation (from water vapor)
    • Fits to international standard shower head

  • Product Specifications :

    Max Pressure: 40 psi
    Effective Flow: 1 GPM
    Body Material: ABS
    Color: White
    Application: Can be installed with faucets, taps, shower , wash basin, sink , muslim shower etc.

    Installation :

    Very easy to install shower filter that fits comfortably behind your shower head. The Shower Filter’s connection is designed to fit straight onto any standard industry size shower heads or wall fittings.

    Maintenance and Cartridge Replacement

    No maintenance required, one Shower filter cartridge should last at least 6 months.

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