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  • Triple stage water filter

  • Model No.: 2SH-10CCC  
    Place of Origin: Taiwan
    Filtration Type: PRE filtration
    Use: wall mount, under counter
    Payment Term: L/C, T/T
    Packing: each pc in common box.

  • triple stages 10 inch clear housing filtration system

    The system with 3 steps filtration system, first stage PP sediment filter, second stage granular active carbon filter, third stage block carbon filter. With the 3 stages system as pre filter for home and hotel, or restaurant, you will be able to enjoy an absolutely fine water. The solutions is founded on eastcooler.


    (1)     Max working pressure is 130PSI

    (2)     The breaking point is 340PSI

    (3)     CYS testing is 0-150PSI with 10000 times

    (4)     The connection port available: ½”, ¾”,1”

    (5)     The material available for the port: plastic       

    (6)     Filter cartridge inside the filter canister can be optional

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